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Concerts and other events

Concerts start at 7.30pm (unless shown below) in St. Oswald's Church, Sowerby, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK (directions). For more information on the artists and content of each programme please telephone Graham Merriam on 01845 597058 or 07899 746385 or email

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Everyone is welcome – you may be new to Sowerby Music and maybe also to classical music.

Young listeners – we hope to encourage as many students and children as possible to attend our concerts by offering them FREE admission (18 and under) as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Get concert tickets in person at Thirsk bookshops, by mail from Peter Rush or buy on line. Most concerts are cheaper in advance, but usually there are still some tickets for sale at the door on the night.


£11.00 on the door Buy now — £10.00

Tea and Buns with the Mixolydian Trio

An opportunity to hear these three up and coming Yorkshire Young Musicians in their own recital - preceded by tea and buns from 3.00pm

Sunday 9 February, 4.00pm

Mixolydian Trio

Mixolydian Trio

There are a number of senior Yorkshire Young Musicians who always need performing opportunities to improve their confidence and professionalism. Hannah Shimwell - clarinet, Anna Marshall - mezzo and Harvey Broadhead-Nriapia - piano have all appeared in YYM showcases at various stages in the past. This is the opportunity for them to shine under their own spotlight using their own name.

"Mixolydian" for the technically-minded, is a natural diatonic scale G-G.  On the piano this is a scale starting on G using only the white notes - i.e. with the flattened 7th.

As a trio they will be playing pieces by Thomas Arne, Louis Spohr and "A Garden of Weeds" by Terence Greaves. In addition, Anna will perform a couple of Schubert songs including Die Forelle, Harvey a short set of variations by Beethoven and Hannah, a stunningly virtuosic piece "Solo de Concours" written by Messager in 1899 as a test piece for the Paris Conservatoire.

A terrific opportunity to hear some really good pieces performed with enthusisam, brio and committment.


£11.00 on the door Buy now — £10.00

The Countess of Munster Recital

Theodore Platt, baritone, with Keval Shah, piano treat us to a sumptuous feast of song.

Sunday 8 March, 4.00pm

We have a long association with CoM and they represent the next step in professionalism - those that have passed through College and are usually post-graduates destined for the top of their profession. Theodore, British-Russian, is presenting a programme of Brahms, Rachmaninov, Wolf and Barber - a sumptuously eclectic treat.


£16.00 on the door Buy now — £15.00

Masterwork - Bach's Goldberg Variations

The Eblana String Trio ; Jonathan Martindale - violin, Lucy Nolan - viola and Peggy Nolan - cello.

Friday 3 April, 7.30pm

Eblana String Trio

Eblana String Trio

Whether or not you are a Bach nut, this is one of the most sublime pieces of music; a feast of mathematical complexity, beauty, simplicity and dazzling virtuosity that deserves a hearing especially in this string transcription by Dmitry Sitkovetsky. It will be preceded by a short talk exploring the work's genesis and unravelling its construction. The Eblana Trio are old friends of Sowerby Music and the Nolans are both tutors for YYM so there is an appropriate symmetry to this concert.


£11.00 on the door Buy now — £10.00

Yorkshire Young Musicians' Showcase

Once again, we are proud to present the talented youth of this Centre for Advanced Training (DfE-speak). They always bring enthusiasm and professionalism on top of their undoubted talent - a real bundle of joy.

Saturday 2 May, 7.30pm

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